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Nijhier-Aleem Jules

Program Manager

Nijhier-Aleem, also known to his colleagues and peers as Ni (Nh-EYE), is a native of the New Jersey Shore and a graduate of The Howard University, College of Arts and Sciences. There, he studied Classical Civilization and African American studies with a particular focus on Hieroglyphics, Sahidic Coptic, and Latin, in addition to art history. Nijhier-Aleem joined the Thomas R. Pickering Foreign Affairs Fellowship team in 2018 originally as program coordinator; bringing to the team several years of coordinating experience with executive and corporate programs from the Howard School of Business. Currently, he holds his Sherpa Executive Coaching Certification and is a Master’s of Science candidate in Higher Education Policy, Research, and Administration at Goucher College. Nijhier-Aleem is an avid lover and supporter of the Arts. In his spare time, he enjoys reading various non-fiction and fiction literature, discussing topics or “thesis,” as he calls them, with friends, and painting.